Here goes nothing…

Alright, I am a virgin…at blogging. Just throwing that out there now.

While my boyfriend yells “Sargeant eyerazor, reporting for duty!” at his XBox, this will be my guilty pleasure– trying to entertain while I vent about the following: boys, girls, boys and girls together, food, dogs, music, current events, poop, sex, alcohol, people who shouldnt be allowed to have a life, people whose lives I want, people who annoy me, people who I like a lot, and everything in between. 🙂

For starters, today I am attempting to cook Pecan Pie Cookies for an office potluck on Monday. This is also a trial run so I don’t look like a complete fool when I bring in something that looks like my dog puked up. On the flip side, everyone else is bringing in something along the lines of Cat Lady Coleslaw, so I should be fine.

*****BEFORE I GO ON*****

A little Bio…I’m 22, living in Florida with boyfriend of 4 years. I work as a receptionist for a financial company for the last month, and I previously worked in several different restaurants, mainly sports bars. So I always have some story that I come home with about how boring and monotonous my job is. Or how ridiculously dull some people in the world are; including myself. :/ I am also the oldest of 6 children– all girls, so I have a slight motherly like bone in my body, but all that bone is used towards my 2 pugs. I am a proud pug owner and sometimes my boyfriend thinks I love the dogs more than him, and sometimes, he is right.


Back to my pecan pie cookies; sounds horribly boring, I know, but I have a HUGE sweet tooth and since I can’t “cook”, I can actually follow a recipe for baking quite well. I will post pictures of the final product following this post (if I can figure it out).

Which brings me to my next point, since I have admittingly never done this before, any of you reading this, that are nice, kind, and generous; please feel free to give me any tips on the technical ish and shortcuts that I may find useful. Also, feel free to critique my writing, as I will most likely return the favor.

Time to check on my future cellulite. 🙂

Thanks for listening,